TTK THESIS REPLY for Student Rocker : Thierry FULL INDEX BELOW : Sooo … I had a student reach out (Thierry) and he is working on his Thesis. The topic was focused around Social Media / Marketing – and he gave me the honor of answering some questions, which was my pleasure to do for him.

5:22 : question 1 – What are the best ways to generate an income as a blogger or as a vlogger?

13:47 question 2 – You’ve mentioned that you have a day job. Would you ever consider quitting this to do The Tone King full time? Is this possible?

19:20 question 3 – What purpose can companies in your field of work like guitar brands have for The Tone King?

22:23 question 4 – What purpose can The Tone King have for these companies?

24:30 question 5 – There are many bloggers and vloggers out there doing the same topics you do. How do you deal with this?

32:30 question 6 – What kind of content works best for you to not only increase your number of followers, but also to keep them interested?

34:14 question 7 – You use YouTube, a website and you also have a forum. How important are each of these elements?

39:16 question 8 – What is the function of each element?

40:56 question 9 – Which would you say is the most important?

42:05 question 10 – Do you have any more tips for somebody trying to start up in the vlogging business?



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