Knowing the CODE – 5 Reasons You Should Check Out Marshall’s CODE Series Amp

Knowing the Code

Five Reasons You Should Check Out Marshall’s CODE Series Amplifiers


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Without a doubt, Marshall is among the first names that come to mind when any guitar player thinks of great amplification.  Since drum teacher Jim Marshall stepped into the amplifier game in the early ’60s, Marshall amps have driven everything from small club gigs to musical revolutions.


That legacy continues with Marshall’s CODE, a new digital modeling amp platform.  Dressed up in sleek black cabinetry adorned with the classic Marshall script, the elegant and understated packaging gives little indication to the massive modeling power contained inside.  And we here at are happy to give you a peak and tell you why this new amp should be on your radar.


1 – Softube Technology


Softube is a leader in audio software and hardware, and their plug-ins can be found in tons of professional studios and outboard equipment.  Marshall is just one of many famous and respected names that Softube has worked with before, so they understand what musicians are going for live and in the studio.


CODE players will get an amazing assortment of classic Marshall preamp models, including the JTM45 2245, a 1962 Bluesbreaker, a 1959SLP Plexi, a JCM800 2203, a JCM2555 Silver Jubilee, a JCM2000 DSL100, and the JVM410H.


You also get a virtual Marshall custom shop at your fingertips.  You can pair each preamp model with a modeled power section based around British and American flavors: EL34, 5881, EL84, and 6L6 power tube types.  Finally, you can pump our unique recipe through a one of eight different classic Marshall 4×12, 2×12, and 1×12 modeled cabinet configurations.


2 – Bluetooth Connectivity


With the Marshall Gateway app for iOS and Android systems, the player can control his CODE amp remotely via Bluetooth.  The Bluetooth functionality also permits easing preset sharing or streaming audio through CODE’s speaker(s) or headphones. And USB connectivity, something also quickly becoming a standard feature in gear, lets you use CODE as a great sounding DAW interface.


3 – It Has Built-in Effects…


Twenty four of them, in fact, with five available simultaneously.  Reverbs, delays, modulation effects, pitch-shifting, auto-wah, and tremolo are among some of the choices that will help you dial in anything from classic tones straight off of vinyl to new textures.


4 – …But Still Rocks With Pedals


Of course, the CODE can handle whatever aspects of your rig you want to throw at it, just like a living, breathing tube amp.  So don’t cast aside your favorite stompboxes just yet; CODE’s on-board tones and effects can be dialed up to match your signature sound perfectly…or creat an entirely new one.


5 – It’s Marshall!


Make no mistake: there are lots of companies out there doing amazing things with modeling technology.  But when it comes from one of the granddaddies of amplification, an innovator that practically defined the rock guitar sound, the real spirit of some classic tones just seems to shine through a bit brighter (or warmer, if that’s your thing).


There are a ton of great digital modeling options out there, and manufacturers are always developing new ways of standing out from their peers.  Marshall is doing it by simply being Marshall; combining decades of great tones with superior, “custom shop-style” flexibility that let players find their own voice.  Could your rig use a little re-CODEing?  Check out TTK’s 3 part video series on the CODE … Unboxing, Overview & Demo!


And, do be sure to check out Sweetwater for best prices on the Marshall CODE!


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