Boys & Girls, new for 2010, The Tone King is working REALLY HARD to get the gear in your hands, FOR FREE!!

Gear Give-Aways

Each month, you can expect a gear give-away!  The way in which I give away the gear will be different, so please be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to receive video updates each month, which will outline the terms of the give-away.  You can Subscribe by clicking the yellow box or visiting this link :

The Winners

All winners get announced on my Live Webcast.

Live Webcast (on UStream.TV)

TTK puts together a live webcast the last Friday of every month at 2 minutes to midnight EST, GMT-5, New York Time, so you can talk w/ him in real-time!  It’s a great opportunity to ask him questions directly and hear from others who tune in.  It’s also a great way to get the low down on what’s coming next!

  • Link to Join :
  • Date of Next Live WebCast : Last Friday of every month!
  • Give-Away : Each monthly give-away winners get announced on the webcast!
  • For Details on the Give-Aways, visit : and on the top of the page (on the menu / nav bar), search for TTK Gear Give-Aways.  There’s a drop down menu for each month’s give-away details!

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As always, THANK YOU and ROCK ON!