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Option 1: TTK STAFF w/ full color back!

TTK-STAFF in Full Color!  Front (, Rear (STAFF).

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$1 to $9 per month: Community Level – Our sincere thanks and appreciation.

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$10 to $19 per month: King’s Court Level – A personalized thank you note from the Tone King and advance notice of special events and merchandise/gear offers through Patreon. And when it’s time for something in the Tone Lounge to find a new home, you’ll get first crack on cutting a deal and expanding your gear collection!

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$20 and up per month: King’s Roundtable Level – Roundtable patrons will receive the King’s Court-level reward, as well as an invitation to participate in a regularly scheduled, ultra-exclusive webcasts with the Tone King to help shape coverage and content. Is there a particular topic/product you’d like to see covered? Want to ask staff a question? You’ll have the chance to do so here!

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Become Part of Legacy – Get Your Key to the Kingdom!

For nearly ten years, The Tone King has been bringing you reviews and information from the world of rock and metal guitar. The online guitar community is evolving faster than ever, and we want to continue our efforts to bring you some of the best content, reviews, interviews, and observations in the world of guitar gear.

When we’re not working at our full-time gigs or hanging out with our families, we’re working hard on new reviews and content for the The Tone King community, planning our next NAMM trip, or checking out the guitar community to see what’s on people’s minds when it comes to gear and music. We’d certainly love to make a full-time endeavor; who knows, maybe we will some day. But whether it becomes a world-dominating media empire or remains a rewarding way to engage with gear nuts everywhere, we’ll always be happy to devote the time and energy needed to make it a great experience for everyone.

How Your Patronage Will Help The Tone King is sustained by relatively modest income from three sources:

  • Advertising and special project revenue;
  • YouTube revenue;
  • Good, old-fashioned elbow grease.

Our passion for guitars, gear, and music and sharing it with the world motivates us to make the most out of resources we have on hand. But as the online guitar community, particularly the YouTube community, continues to grow we want to be sure we grow along with it. So we’re reaching out to you with a humble request to help us continue developing quality content. The funds received from patrons will primarily be used in the following ways:

  • Supplement travel costs to events like Summer and Winter NAMM and GuitCon;
  • Supplement updates to webcast and video production equipment (4K-capable cameras and equipment, state-of-the-market video processing and editing equipment, etc);
  • Supplement special projects and content (special offers, special gear and industry coverage, branded merchandise, etc).

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About the Author: Hello. Welcome to! My name is Louis, but in name of good fun & entertainment - I call myself The Tone King. This website was born back in 2008, to compliment the videos I started uploading to YouTube on guitar & related gear (guitar, amps, pedals, etc.). It has since grown, thanks to the thousands that tune in, making it what it is. If you subscribe to, you can expect lots of Guitar, Amp, Pedal Reviews & Shoot-Out videos. I also have monthly Live Webcasts, perform Artist Interviews, and try to get all the juicy coverage Backstage and at trade-shows like NAMM. The cherry on top is that there are no shortage of How-To Videos & TTK Killer Deal Alerts getting you the most knowledge & gear into your hands & mind! Thanks for stopping by to check out my website! Rock ON!

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