How to make your Line 6 Spider Valve sing like a Peavey 5150

6L6 Based Line 6 Spider Valve meets the 6L6 Based Peavey 5150

Boys & Girls – As we all know – the Peavey 5150 is a work-horse of an amp that has made it’s way from stages to records and was used by some of the biggest bands from Van Halen to those who rock out at your local club scene.   As we also know – Line 6 has been leading modeling from the very beginning, and has taken it to the top, with a full bore 6L6 power section to serve up it’s tones, just like that of the 5150.

So, what interests The Tone King?  TTK wants to know if the Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 can serve up and dish out the tones of the legacy 5150.   In the video below, which is a exclusive, I put both amps into the steel cage to see if the 6L6 tube based Line 6 Spider Valve mkII HD100 can pick up where the sought after Peavey 5150 left off (as the 5150 is long discontinued).  I sure think so … but after watching this video … let me know what YOU think!

Enjoy the video & as always … ROCK ON!

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