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DIKTATE YOUR TONE! Dawner Prince Effects : The DIKTATOR!


Enjoy this demo of the DIKTATOR Boost / Overdrive / Distortion Pedal!

Back in the homeland of Nikola Tesla — in the land of inspiration — is where Dawner Prince brand was bought to power. (fyi – design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system).

• Founded in 2009 — taking electricity and turning it into sonic art.
• Circuits are ‘highly sophisticated’, ‘more reliable’ and ‘studio quality’.
• Described as ‘innovative, versatile, functional & beautiful’.
• All carefully hand crated in Imotski Croatia.
• (Reference :

DIKTATOR : Royal Sound DirtBox.

Rough like a Diktator, but can be soft when it needs to be, but has a pair when it needs to have!

Detonator Channel : light crunch to right fat overdrive to tight distortion.
• 2 toggle switches for different tonal & gain shapes.
• 2 band active tone control.
• Eyes double as a ‘Dynamic-O-Meter’ which is a visual indicator of the drives dynamic response.

Fuse Channel — ultra transparent preamp, which refines the original tone — making your guitar sound bigger and pushes the amp into natural overdrive.
Used ‘with’ the Detonator Channel — it really hits your amp hard — and is an excellent booster for lead parts, solos, etc.

Pedal has:
*improved power supply filtering circuitry, RF rejection filter, smart PCB routing, no-wire design, autiophile quality components and true bypass switching system.
9-18v input, 2.1mm barrel (neg tip), 13ma power.


Line 6

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