VOX Night Train 50 – Demo & Review TTK Style!!!

Folks, enjoy this sneak peak look at the Vox Night Train 50, EL34 based 50w head.

For those that always ask the question “could this amp keep up with a band?”, the answer is YES! This has a full blown 50w EL34 based power section, which has ‘headroom’, meaning the more you turn it up – the fuller & louder it gets.

50 Watt heads are really sweet sounding, and in many cases, can outperform a 100w counterpart ~ sounding fuller & sweeter QUICKER especially for the bedroom rocker & weekend gigging musician, and is cheaper on tube replacments & maintenance!

Full, usable features include everything that you’d expect! 2 Channels (Bright & Girth) … and the Bright Channel has a ‘Thick’ voice. FX Loop w/ bypass, and footswitchable! PLUS – this can run a full stack (has enough speaker outputs to do so!).

If you like this video – GIMME some THUMBS UPS!!! Enjoy & ROCK ON, signed, TTK

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