ESP LTD Line-UP By The Grin

It happens to us all. You pop into a store to take a look around. The first one that stands out of the bunch for whatever reason; be it the pick guard, wood grains under stain or the shine of the chrome humbucker, is the one that is just a few hundred bones out of your price range. There are ways around this (financing or layaway), but when your mitts are throbbing because you want it NOW, ESP has supplied you with yet another option. For 2013, ESP is introducing an LTD line of affordable guitars and basses that was featured at the Winter NAMM Show. The Tone King will have more on that (see video below). I don’t assume anything, but I like to imagine the Luthiers of Japan holding the same focus of their ancestors. Many were farmers, and some of those farmers trained to become noble shinobi in the 14th century to fight the samurai. What is known today is that great guitars come from Japan and the Elite series is no exception to the rule.

ST-1The LTD Elite ST-1 will hold your standard EMG 81 and two SA single coil pickups. Or for those like me who dislike active pickups, Seymour Duncan JB’s are also an option. ESP knows how I like it, they used a bolt-on neck, and I have reason for wanting it that way. The LTD Elite Eclipse-I has two brands of Sunburst finishes for that rocker dream you always had, but if you have a darker mind like I do, your sights may carry over to the see through black finish that dawns an “outside of the box” combination of brushed steel, active alnico-5 pickups. The EMG 57 in the bridge and a beastly 66 gnawing at your neck. I’m not shy about reminding you I don’t like batteries but I will always trust in Alnico.

Elite HorizonMy black heart melts as I look at the midnight purple color (in the picture seen) of The LTD Elite horizon-III NT, but the color listed is “Reindeer Blue”, so I am a little taken back but ebony fingerboards? How did you guys know my soul is tainted that shade. PASSIVE Seymour Duncan Custom-5 and Jazz in the neck. Yes, this is the guitar of the whole series I would want to possess. I’ll take one with a Floyd Rose please, but don’t assume that I think any less of the LTD Elite M-II. Fully stocked with 81s, they have a choice between a See through Black (pictured) or Amber Cherry Sunburst. I will also take this on right here, to tell you in case you didn’t know.  And, it seems appropriate that the bass is at the “bottom end”. ESP also offers the LTD J-4 & J-5 come with Seymour Duncan SJB-1 Vintage pickups, if not Seymour Duncan SJ-5 67-70 pickups. They come in see through black or amber. Best part of the basses is the two band EQ’s built in.  Go get your new axe on!


Enjoy this ESP walk-through from Winter NAMM 2013


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About the Author: Started playing bass at 15. It was Danko Jones who inspired me to play at all, and in a small town I couldn't be picky on what I can get my hands on, so I bought a squire with pride. Obtained a B.C. Rich guitar months later. Moved to the city at 17. At 19 joined my first metal band as a bassist which ended at 20. Joined a bass heavy rock band, which I loved being in whole heartily. I now wait to venture into a new project. For the time being though, I am exploring my abilities as a writer.

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