30 Pedals in 30 Days – Day 2 – Noise Gate, Noise Suppressor, Noise Reducer style Pedals

Boys & Girls – WELCOME to The Tone King’s latest & greatest set of videos …

30 Pedals in 30 Days!!

DAY #2 : November 2nd, 2009 :

Focus is on : Noise Gate / Noise Suppressor Pedals.

Pedals used in the video are :

1) The Boss Noise Suppressor (NS-2),

2) The Behringer Noise Reducer NR100 &

3) The MXR SsmartGate

Dear Diary, I have received lots of emails in the past from folks asking for advice on Noise Gate style pedals.  The truth is … there isn’t a whole lot of good resource on the internet, for folks to understand how they’re used, or ‘where’ they’re used.  Hopefully this video will show that owning more than 1 Noise Gate pedal is not overkill … and is infact a good practice to a quiet rig!  In short, it’s good to have one placed on the pedalboard right after the distortion (noisy) pedals, but before any time based or modulation FX.  It’s also good practive to have  another in the FX loop (which if ‘after’ the onboard pre-amp, but before any time based FX or modulation.

Stick diagram : guitar-> distortion pedal-> NoiseGate-> other FX -> input of amp -> Amp Preamp-> FX SEND -> NoiseGate-> other FX -> FX RTN-> Amp PowerAmp -> Cabinet.

Here are some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

1) Will Noise Gates cut my sustain?  ANSWER : if set up properly, most modern noise gate pedals will account for your sustain.  There is a setting called ‘DECAY’, which will allow you to set a ‘time’ before the Noise Gate engages.  PLUS, if set properly, the NG will set ‘gradually’, so your sustain finishes off nicely.

2) Do I REALLY need 2 noise gates?  ANSWER : No, not really.  I showed 2 in the video, to demonstrate common places where you’d put them.  If you own only 1 – I’d suggest putting it in the FX Loop, this way it will take care of noisy pedals, AND a noisy pre-amp section.  If you are using your amp on a clean channel, chances are, the pre-amp section isn’t noisy, and you can then simply place it on the pedal board, AFTER the distortion pedals, but BEFORE the modulation and time-based effects.

3) Are there any noise-gates that SUCK MY TONE?  ANSWER : To be honest – there was one pedal I bought, and it was not that good.  It really did suck my tone dry.  Needless to say, I returned it.  In effort not to bash any one company, or brand – I will simply say, it’s a ‘blue’ stomp box style noise gate pedal.  I will also say, that the same company makes the BEST noise gate rack systems ever.  Now, hush w/ the questions, and on w/ the playing!

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