Is Your Current Cab Cutting It? Carvin Audio’s VX Birch series Can You Help You Realize Your Rig’s Potential


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Is Your Current Cab Cutting It?

Carvin Audio’s VX Birch series Can You Help You Realize Your Rig’s Potential


Unless you’re one of those hippie longhairs plonking out “Greensleeves” on your ’60s Framus Hootenanny*, amplifier choice is undeniably critical.  And just like every other part of your rig, you probably make careful, considered choice about features.  Effects loop or no? Channel switching? Tone stack? Power section? Head or combo? Speakers?


But how much attention do you pay to the cabinet itself, outside of how it’s covered and how many speakers it will accommodate?  How often do you consider how the cabinet is actually built and what it’s made of?


When one compares speaker cabinets made from quality hardwoods versus cheaper materials, the difference can really be stunning.  Baltic birch, a hardwood that has been used for speaker cabinets since the ’60s, is lauded for it’s roadworthy strength and the way it lets the natural voice of a speaker come through.  And now, with Carvin Audio’s VX Birch series cabinets, players have access to high quality, customizable speaker cabs made with pride in beautiful San Diego, California (motto: Semper Vigilans).


cabsCarvin Audio’s fantastic line of amplifiers, including favorites like the V3M and Steve Vai signature Legacy models, obviously pair nicely with all of the VX series models, but these cabinets will do any amp a world of tonal good.
One of the major advantages of Carvin Audio’s VX Birch speaker cabinets is their ability to convert between open-back and closed-back configurations.  You can add punch and definition with a closed-back configuration, while opening up the back disperses the sound around the cabinet, providing a room-filling, ambient quality that’s particularly tasty when using reverb or delay.


The VX Birch cabinets with two- and four-speaker configurations also allow those guitarists running stereo rigs to take full advantage by offering two quarter-inch jacks and switchable mono/steroe modes to allow for stereo or wet/dry signal chains.  Your stereo modulation effects and dual-amp setups will really come alive.


And naturally, Carvin Audio lets you dress up your VX Birch cab in everything from conventional to radical coverings.  Classic tweed, chic tooled western, and TTK-approved snakeskin are just a few of the cool and varied prints available to allow you to add a little custom flair to a quality cab.  So get hooked up to a Carvin VX Birch series cabinet, available in 1×12, 2×12 and 4×12 configurations and hear what you’ve been missing!


* Though we will note that Framus rules and “Hootenanny” is a great word and a great name for a guitar.

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