Shoot-Out : Line 6 POD HD 300 vs. Boss ME-70 … Plus Demo / Review of all Amp Models PODHD vs. ME70

Folks, check out the first in a series of shoot-outs of amp modeler pedals. Today I have up the new POD HD (300) by Line 6, and put it up to the Boss ME70. Even though they are both approximately $300 bucks – it seems like an unfair fight, b/c (for example), we’re comparing 16 FULL amp models on the Line 6 to 7 Pre-Amp Only Models on the Boss. As this was my first hands on w/ the HD series, I was thrilled to see the Engl on their list. That is without a doubt, one of the hottest amps on the market, and it’s KILLER that it’s on the Line 6 HD series.

Anyway – enough of me – enjoy the video! And … Rock ON!

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