10 Reasons why SS is better than tubes!

Disclaimer : this post is meant to be fun (and semi-factual).  I know this is a life-long debate between tube & SS lovers, so please consider this post as entertainment (with a hint of fact)!  And, to be clear … as for my own opinion (on which amps I like best) … Truth is … I love em all, both SS & Tube … but for you SS lovers … here is something to back it up!


10) Solid State (SS) requires less maintenance than tubes.


9) Less maintenance = less $$ spent repairing them = more $$ in your pocket … perfect for the starving musician!


8 – SS amps spend less time @ the repair shop which means more time is spent playing!


7) SS amps provides consistent sound ALL of the time, unlike tubes!


6) No need to crank a SS amp for a good tone.  It sounds the same at all volumes!


5) SS is Plug-n-Play – No warm-up, No failures!  Speaking of Warm-Up – SS is Safe!  No heat, No toaster ovens, No arcing, No biasing, No fires!


4) Tone wise; SS is heavy hitting!  Heavy chugging is easily accomplished with SS.  Perfect for Metal! 


3) Tone wise; SS is perfect for playing clean.  The Roland Jazz Chorus is a testament to this, and is probably one of the most widely used amps both in & out of the studio for consistently warm, clean tones!


2) Like the Roland Jazz Chorus – A SS amp can make itself useful as a blank canvas for pedals.  Because SS is consistent, with maximum headroom, you can use it with your favorite pedal; whether it’s an analog one (like most distortion pedals), digital (like your favorite modeling : Line 6, Axe-FX, GSP1101, or an Eleven Rack), or anything in between!


 And finally … the #1 reason why SS amps are better than tube amps :


1) If it’s good enough for Dime, it’s good enough for me!  Remember, Dime played the fully SS Randall Warhead, then was turned onto the SST by Krank; which boasted a SS power section, and now, while everyone is racing to make the best tube amp – Dime Amplification is marching to its own double bass drum beat, by resurrecting a fully SS amp – reminiscent of the old Dime tones!


With that said, enjoy this video review of the DIME D100C 2×12 Combo Amp :

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