Dave Mustaine Signature Series Guitar : Zero

Review of Dave Mustaine’s Signature Series Guitar:

by Daniel O

TTK takes a look at the new Dave Mustaine Signature Series Zero Guitar and finds a new classic in the making, a bold no-nonsense design. If you’re going to modify the classic Explorer design, this might just be the way to do it with some zazz. The Dean design has sleek sharp lines and literally looks built for speed. It is a trimmer and more angular approach to a classic design shape. The Zero has a look and a vibe about it that challenges a player to step it up another notch or two.

The first volume knob is very comfortably close for some well-placed volume swells that should be pleasantly easy to reach with your pinky. The wide spacing between controls seems well thought out to accommodate some actual adjustments on the fly with a more likely successful outcome that isn’t so much at the expense of your musical timing. These are the kinds of details that can really matter to someone who actually plays, plays well, and wants to play even better. The Zero stays in tune exceptionally well too. Solidly built, it’s the kind of guitar that feels good when you pick it up and handle it. This is the kind of guitar someone can grow with as well but will never outgrow.

The Zero screams, “I want to go fast!” And its lines are simple and clean but classic. It reminds me of a sleek and fast WWII destroyer with its battleship gray finish. It’s a strong guitar to play aggressively with. Built for speed, yet simple and straightforward. The Zero’s fingerboard inlays are an attractive design too. They have a classic look about them, not unlike the well-known inlays of Gibson’s.

The Zero has a recessed Stratocaster-like output jack on the side of the body that will easily ensure that you won’t ever be having a doofus moment of bending a ¼ inch guitar cable with this guitar (personally, I’ve never done it but I think we all have known at least one person who has.) This is another smart design feature that shows some thought going into the Zero. The Zero also has a handy 9V access on the back of the guitar to easily change it when the Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire pickups are hungry and need to be fed.

TTK major kudos on some of these simple and yet sometimes surprisingly under-utilized design features that went into the Dave Mustaine Signature Series Zero Guitar. It further legitimizes this line that Dave actually now plays a Zero all the time. Though there are only fifty of the creme-colored/distressed hardware Zero XO $2,799.00 versions, the $999.00 battleship gray version of the Dave Mustaine Signature Series Zero is a great way to go if you have an unquenchable need for speed. “This shape just looks like it’s built for action” as Dave himself so aptly put it in describing this new design.

TTK actionably agrees.

Zero XO (crème colored and distressed limited run version)   $2,799.00

Zero (metallic silver version) $999.00

  • Mahogany body, top, and neck
  • D-shaped neck profile
  • Ebony fingerboard w/pearl inlays
  • Mini Grover 6 In-Line Tuners
  • Tune-O-Matic Bridge
  • String through body design ferrules (for better sustaine)
  • Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire Pickups
  • w/hardshell case

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