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★ ★ Will be discussing COPYRIGHT STRIKES, as discussed by YouTubers like Guitologist, Rick Beato & Glenn Fricker from their videos:
COPYRIGHT ARMAGEDDON, The BIG MISTAKE YouTubers are making, Censored by Warner Music Group & The Music Blockers are Back! (Rant)

Some topics of discussion are:

If an artist has a new album, are we able to review it, discuss it, or do an opinion piece / or editorial on it without copyright infringement?

What constitutes fair use?

Guitar Teaching? Educational? Editorial? Parody? A Review? A Promotion?

What about if these items are monetized?

Thoughts on getting blocked for 5 second clip in a 20 minute video?

Do companies like WMG fail to recognize the power of social media? Are they short sided in realizing the power of social media to keep their catalog in front of a new generation?

Is it right that the only person that can review the copyright strike is the one making the claim?

Thoughts on YT allowing for this type of system?

In a 20 minute video – can the Copyright holder be entitled for the full revenue from the entire video for a 5 second clip, as this is what we’re seeing?

We’re seeing worldwide blocks, partial revenue sharing, or full revenue sharing, and deletion of the videos.

Some people saying a class action suit. Is that valid or ridiculous?

Back catalogs of 5+ years are getting hit. Is there a statue of limitations on copyright claims?

Are you allowed to hum a song without a copyright claim?

In regards to images and Image Rights / Image Copyrights …

Can you wear a Superman shirt in a video or is that a copyright infringement? What about on license products?

Can you explain synchronization licenses?

Discussion on EU-Article13 – silence dissent and New Zealand – censorship position?

Discussion & thoughts on Axl Rose – Google refused to remove his image.

Poor mans copyright – Is YouTube enough? Will it hold water in protecting your own work?

Benefits to registering w/ the United States Copyright Office?

What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and how does it apply to this?

Does YT keep music alive?

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