30 Pedals in 30 Days: Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator


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At the quantum level all rules that we understand to govern reality cease to exist. Hell, according to some physicists, we are all just three-dimensional holographic projections of two-dimensional information spread out at the edges of the universe.

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If you can wrap your head around the Heisenberg Principle, then the Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator is a pedal you’ll want to check out. TheToneKing.com had a chance to brush up on its science with Pigtronix’s Quantum for 30 Pedals in 30 Days, and we’re pretty sure we stumbled into a parallel universe.

Pigtronix’s Quantum Time Modulator is a Chorus pedal. Specifically, a double parallel chorus from a parallel universe. Stretching time using a combination of Low Frequency Oscillator and Envelope sources, the Quantum boldly goes where no man has gone before by utilizing these pair of independently clocked delay lines in parallel. By mixing the LFO and the Envelope, and changing their parameters, players will find a very unique sounding chorus effect.

The LFO is controlled by the “Speed” while the envelope is controlled by “Sensitivity” knob. Blending between the two is done by the “Source” knob. If you’re looking for traditional chorus sounds, turn the sensitivity down to zero. Then the “Source” knob will act like a standard chorus depth control. The “Chorus/Vibe” lets players toggle between a pure effect or a mix of dry signal and wet. A TRS only makes the Quantum more versatile for those players that use multiple amps.

The Quantum occupies two points in space simultaneously. The first is outside the black hole looking in, and the other is inside the black hole looking out. At the first point, the Quantum sees itself inside the black hole as if time had stopped completely. Inside the black hole, the Quantum sees the rest of the universe moving so fast that it witnesses its end and eventual rebirth.

That’s some heavy shit.

But, true. Two independent lines of time interacting with each other simultaneously. While the speed of the LFO can be adjusted, it remains a fixed horizon of reference. The envelope, on the other hand, is completely determined by how hard the player strikes the strings. Dynamics work not only to increase or decrease volume but also change the parameters of the effect. So… to make a long story long, every Quantum will sound unique, catered to the player’s style.

It’s no surprise that such an eclectic pedal would cite Frank Zappa’s MicMix DynaFlanger, Eric Lifeson’s TC 1210 Spatial Expander, and the Roland Dimension D as influences for this pedal. Shit. You don’t get more out there than Zappa. But, like Zappa, the Quantum is not noise. Unique sounds? Yes. But, there’s a musicality to the Quantum Time Modulator as if it’s tapping into those infinitely small vibrating strings that make up all matter in the universe.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Pigtronix ever since we passed by their booth at NAMM 2013. The sound of their pedals stopped us dead in our tracks. Their pedals challenge players, and the Quantum Time Modulator is no different. Instead of giving players a place to hide behind, the Quantum accentuates the player’s natural dynamics and abilities. The Quantum Time Modulator and the player find themselves entangled at the quantum level. A movement from one directly affects the other. We here at TheToneKing.com had our minds blown by the Quantum. Maybe the Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator has proven The Doctor wrong. Maybe a fixed point in time can be changed.

For prices on the Quantum Time Manipulator or any Pigtronix gear, check out: Sweetwater.com

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Product Page: http://www.pigtronix.com/products/quantum-time-modulator/

Unboxing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c52Dg7sin5U

Official Full-On Demo & Reviewhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHADcxYlseA

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