Untether Your Sound – PRA Audio’s WiC For Recording Liberates Your Software-Based Rig

Untether Your Sound

PRA Audio’s WiC For Recording Liberates Your Software-Based Rig.


By now, you know all about PRA Audio and the high-performance WiC for Guitar wireless system.  But if for some reason you haven’t caught up with us here at TheToneKing.com, do check out TTK’s excellent unboxing and demonstration videos.


To provide a quick recap, PRA Audio’s founder Paul Raley and the team of talented engineers each have decades of experience in satellite and radar industry. In the past they have designed complex and sophisticated satellite and radar systems for the military and private industry alike.  Simply put, they’re experts in wireless technology and design.


But Paul also has a strong passion for playing music and building gear.  The PRA Audio team shares that passion and understands the real-world needs of musicians.  It’s been PRA Audio’s goal to produce innovative, U.S.- made products that meet the performance requirements of amateur and pro musicians alike from the very beginning.  And the very same development work that went into the WiC for Guitar can be found in the company’s WiC for Computer wireless, specially designed to interface between your instrument and your computer.


Of course, you’re probably not jumping about like a mad person in a studio like you might be on stage, so why a wireless system specific to recording work?  The answer is quite simple: even our “studios” are mobile now.



Pyotr Belov

WiC for Computer allows the player to have the freedom to play and record anywhere without the need of powered interface. Even with a tablet or a smart phone, the WiC Receiver is powered by that device,” Pyotr Belov, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PRA Audio, told TheToneKing.com. “If you are on the road and want to do a quick scratch track, you now have the tool.”


A wireless interface means even greater portability for the musician on the go.  The WiC for Computer system simplifies the connection process by using a transmitter-to-USB set-up, taking advantage of some of the inherent benefits of USB connectivity and removing other factors that can hinder performance.


Going into USB is much stronger than going into an analog mic input because it bypasses the ADC (analog to digital converter), keeping the signal strong,” Belov explained.  “Also, there is no internal battery because it is powered by the USB.”


Just plug the compact USB receiver into a USB port, the transmitter to your guitar, link the units, and off you go.


But musicians also use computers for more than just recording, checking out The Tone King’s YouTube channel, or ordering large quantities of smoked meat (I’m sure I’m not the only one).  With myriad software-based rig options in the marketplace today, laptops and desktops alike have become extremely popular options in live performance situations.


If you are the type of player that takes their computer to the gig and uses it as a preamp and takes the output directly to the board, now you can take it a step further and go wireless,” Belov added.


Just like the WiC for Guitar, the WiC for Computer system features one-touch connectivity, uncompressed full-spectrum HD audio, a rechargeable battery, and 2.4GHz wireless technology.  Its 10-meter range is perfect for studio, home, or even on-stage applications that require connectivity to a laptop.


It’s exactly what you’d expect from a company that understands the needs of musicians and focuses on innovation: PRA Audio.


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