Electricity In The Air – PRA Audio’s WiC Guitar Wireless System Lets You Cut The Cable


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Wireless guitar systems have been around for ages now, and are typically the first choice for many acts when it comes to connectivity on the big stage.  However, introducing a wireless system can lead to a whole host of unique issues.  In addition to changes in feel and tone, wireless systems are particularly susceptible to outside interference.  Def Leppard’s 2000 rider even makes mention of it.  And, of course, we all remember Nigel Tufnel’s wireless unit issues in the movie “Spinal Tap.”

Nigel would certainly appreciate the work of PRA Audio, a U.S.-based company that is elevating wireless instrument technology with the high fidelity WiC (Wireless instrument Connection) for Guitar and the WiC for Recording wireless systems.

Pyotr Belov

Our goal was simple: deliver cable tone while making the system robust for the guitar or bass player to have freedom in a live setting,” Pyotr Belov, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PRA Audio, recently told TheToneKing.com.

PRA Audio’s founder Paul Raley and the team of talented engineers, each have decades of experience in satellite and radar industry. In the past they have designed complex and sophisticated satellite and radar systems for the military and private industry alike.  So, right away, you know PRA Audio already knows a thing or two about wireless technology.

Aside from complex engineering, Paul’s true passion has been playing and building gear.  PRA Audio team shares Paul’s passion and understands the real-world needs of musicians. We strive on latest technology and innovative design. But let’s not forget quality. This is why all PRA Audio products are designed and manufactured in USA.

We made it lightweight and practical,” Belov said.  “Meaning, no need for special cables or adapters. All the player needs is a ¼” instrument cable. [And] unlike the traditional system, there is no need to buy AA batteries that will only last you for one show.”

As promised, the WiC for Guitar system is easy to set up and use, without the need to hunt for and select a specific channel or frequency manually.  The WiC does it for you, continuously scanning the airwaves to find the cleanest, clearest signal path with up to 500 feet of range; more than enough for the big stage or even just a quick jaunt down the hall to the fridge.

Connecting different WiC wireless transmitters to the WiC wireless receiver is also a breeze.  Put the WiC transmitter you wish to use next to the receiver you want to pair it with, hit the pairing button on the transmitter and the receiver and that’s it, you’re connected in full-spectrum, uncompressed HD audio using 2.4GHz wireless technology.

Instead of traditional batteries, the WiC system is powered by a rechargeable, long-life, lithium ion battery.  The lithium ion battery is specially designed for WiC, and as little as fifteen minutes of charging time will get musicians through a gig securely.  A full charge provides 20 hours of power.  For regularly gigging musicians, the money saved in disposable batteries alone means the system will pay for itself pretty quickly.  A USB cable and charger is included with the system.

Most notably, none of these innovations came as a result of tonal sacrifice.  PRA Audio made sure that the system actually sounded good as well, and spared no effort to that end.

Our team spent a lot of time in the studio doing spectrum audio analysis with advanced equipment and even more time doing actually listening tests,” Belov said.  “Ironically, we have discovered that while advanced audio equipment was very helpful, the real test was the listening test. At the end of the day the player’s ears and their feel is the real test.

To ensure they were delivering superior sound and feel, PRA Audio enlisted the help of musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Testing was not limited to guitar or bass, nor were professional touring musicians the only testers involved.  PRA Audio enlisted the help and experience of everyone from famous names to semi-professionals to bedroom blasters.

Believe it or not, bedroom players are most critical,” Belov noted.  “It was important to us to get a wide range of participation to make sure we had everyone covered.

Not resting on their laurels, PRA Audio is hard at work on other devices and systems.

We are working on other wireless devices and moving on to effect pedals, amps, and pro audio equipment,” Belov told TheToneKing.com.  “Our team is staffed with veterans of MI industry who had a lot of success stories. Now they are bringing their knowledge and experience to PRA Audio where they get to design and develop product without restriction.”




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