Peavey Vypyr vs. Fender Mustang I

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Some of my notes – when comparing the Peavey Vypyr 15w and Fender Mustang I below.

Also worth noting – that these amps come in different models, at different price points w/ different features per model.  The goal of this comparison is simple.  You walk into a store w/ $100 bucks in your pocket.  You plug in with your guitar to check them both out.  Spec below is what you can expect right on the salesfloor.  Items not regarded or mentioned are DAW recording capabilities, add-ons, upgrades, options, software, etc.  See links below for full feature / function &/or manufacturer changes to any of the below specs:

Vypyr Mustang
Price* $ 99.99 USD $ 109.99 USD
Amp Models
1 Twn (Fender Twin) 57 Deluxe (Fender Deluxe)
2 Dlx (Fender Deluxe) 59 Bassman (Fender Bassman)
3 Plxi (Marshall Plexi) 65 Twin Reverb (Fender Twin Reverb)
4 Brit (Vox) British 60’s (Vox ?)
5 B-Kat (BatCat Amps) British 80’s   (Marshall ?)
6 Classic (Peavey Classic) American 90’s (Mesa Boogie ?)
7 XXX (Peavey Triple XXX) Super-Sonic (Fender Super-Sonic)
8 JSX (Peavey / Joe Satriani JSX) Metal 2000 (Peavey 5150 ?)
9 6505 (6505 / Eddie Van Halen 5150)  –
10 Rec (Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier)  –
11 K-Stein (Krank’s / Dime’s Krankenstein)  –
12 Dzl (Diezel)  –
1 Delay Delay
2 Reverb Reverb
3 Chorus Chorus
4 Flanger Flanger
5 Tremolo Tremolo
6 Octaver Octaver
7 Phaser Phaser
8 Envelope Filter Step Filter
9 Rotary Speaker Vibratone
10 Slap Back  –
11 Reverse  –
12 Pitch Shifter  –
13 Tube Screamer  –
Combo Design Open Back Closed Back
Controls Pre-Amp Gain Gain
Low Bass
Mid  –
High Treble
Post Gain Volume
Master Master
Aux yes yes
Phones yes yes
Tuner yes yes
USB no yes
Comes w Footswitch no no
Speaker 8″ 8″
Wattage 15w 20w
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