Unboxing: Pedaltrain Pedalboards : Tips on How to Build the Perfect Pedalboard!

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Enjoy this video, where I unbox 4 PedalTrain PedalBoards! But more importantly – there are lots of tips & tricks while I am doing the unboxing, where I cover ‘How to Purchase’ the Perfect Pedalboard for your needs! As they say – “The devil is in the details” !!!

Also – Please Time-Stamp your favorite part of the video in the description below! There’s lots of nuggets of goodness. Some tips & tricks include:

– Measure what you have, and make room for what you want!
– Take into account the different places your pedals may be (front of stage, back-line, on the go, or the ultimate pedal-board for the bedroom rocker!)
– Some great dialogue on roadies (now called techs), and other nuggets of goodness!

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– PedalTrain: http://pedaltrain.com/

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