TTKs Mic Shoot-Out : Shure SM57 vs. Sennheiser e609

Dear All … this is a TTK Style Shoot-Out, where you get to decide which amp microphone is best for you!  Watch the video first, then decide which one you like.  When you’re done watching the video … scroll down to see which mic is which.  I hope you enjoy the video.

Okay … are you ready for the answer?

  • Channel 1 / Microphone 1 is the Sennheiser e609
  • Channel 2 / Microphone 2 is the Shure SM57

Here are some pictures of the set-up :

TTK Jr. helping me set-up the shoot, b/c he loves this stuff about as much as I do 🙂 !!

Copy of PC310019

Channel 1 / Mic 1 = Sennheiser e609 (taped to keep it in place).  The ‘dangle’ thing doesn’t work quite as well as you’d think.  It needs a little bit of tape to keep it in place!

Copy of PC310020

The handy dandy Shure SM57

Copy of PC310021

The set-up.

Copy of PC310022

Moments before the shoot – TTK Jr. givin’ ya one of them bad boys right there!  BTW – Guitar is a Rico Jr. Gary Holt Sig Series Vixen w/ Seymour Duncan BlackOuts.

Copy of PC310025

Back of the head and cabs.  I even used the same exact speaker cable for both hook-ups.

Copy of PC310023

Another shot, right before the shoot.

Copy of PC310026

Another shot, showing a bit more detail on mic placement, and the BBE Supa Charger, and my handy dandy Korg PitchBlack tuner (don’t leave home w/ out em’)

Copy of PC310027


These shot were taken AFTER I changed mic placement, so you can see how I had everything set-up.

Copy of PC310029

Copy of PC310028

Copy of PC310030

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