Tone Secret – ‘The Breaking Point” where pre meets power! – The purpose of this video is to show that each amp has it’s own individual & unique ‘Breaking Point – A Tone King exclusive description (R)’ … which is where poweramp headroom kicks in. There is a huge difference between preamp and poweramp distortion and The Breaking Point is the exact setting on an amp when poweramp gain is engaged. Amps (much like cars) behave differently when opened up. They sound fuller, and in most cases better. When shopping for an amp, most only hear the preamp portion, which is limited in sound, less full and can change dramatically when turned up. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the dynamics of an amp fully open. This may also explain why your signature series gear doesn’t quite sound like the signature series artist. In many cases when recording (pre-modeling days), the amps were run full volume (breaking point engaged) in an isolated environment. The result is a fuller & rounder output. This can be heard on most amps, especially Boogie Rectifier gear, where the preamp sound is crisp but thin. Once The Breaking Point is engaged, the result is sonic bliss … full, smooth & wide open. Yes, I said it, a Rectifier does sound full & smooth when the Breaking Point is engaged! Every amp has it’s own Breaking Point. Soldanos typically run at about 7 or 8. A Boogie gets there much quicker at about 4-5. In the case of the Randall I am using in this video, I am up at around 8. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave your comments!

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