The King’s Feast 2011 : The Tone King Talent Search

Dear TTK Community,

You ask, TTK listens! Folks, I have thought long and hard about something new & exciting we can do for 2011. To recap, in 2010, my New Year’s Resolution was put gear in your hands with a monthly give-away, and I’d say it was a great success. In fact, it was so successful, it was tough coming up with new ideas for 2011. After much though, I realized it was just a function of ‘listening’ to what you’ve all be asking for! One of the most frequently asked questions I received over the course of this past year was … ‘Can I help promote someone’s band & music?’, and never really thought of the best way to do it … until now!

So, NEW for 2011 … I give you ‘The King’s Feast’!  Whereas everyone else has a ‘Fest‘, we’re going to have a Feast! If you have a band, and are struggling in reaching out to a world-wide community of viewers who care about ‘tone‘, I will open up my own forum to let you rise to the top!  So .. how does it work?

Simple …

  1. Visit, and you’ll see a forum for TTKs 2011 Band Search.
  2. Post up your work on the site. Tell us your story, and share with us your music, or link to your music & or videos.
  3. On our monthly live webcasts, those who tune in will all have some say in who should win for that month. It may come by means by a poll, a selected panel of judges or something as simple as a general consensus (we’ll fine tune & tweak as we go)
  4. The winner of that month will receive a POST on, which will include details about your band, how to buy your CD, when to see your upcoming show, a plug on your rig, a possible phone interview, etc.).  Post will appear under Artist Venues :
  5. That POST gets blasted out to the entire community of registered subscribers of which reaches (at the time of writing this) approx 4,000+ email addresses.
  6. I will also offer to use and promote your music on my YouTube Channel which reaches out to (at the time of writing this) over 12,000+ registered subscribers.

That’s over 16,000 people in two swift posts that will see & hear your story!

Now, because we are dealing with music, there is some fine print, which you’ll need to agree to :

  1. The music must belong to you. (No Metallica covers, or things along that nature!)
  2. If you win, I can promote the band on my website (in text, telling the story about your band & music), but in order to promote your music on YouTube, you would need to AGREE to the following :
    1. A written consent from everyone in the group, that I have permission to use the music commercially on my YouTube Channel : LMSJR (which YouTube requires), which could be emailed to info at TheToneKing dot com. No consent, No post to YouTube. (It’s a YouTube thing, not a TTK thing).

Lastly, just to be clear on a few items : This competition is meant to be fun! There are no guarantees, so no hard feelings if you don’t get picked.  Just keep on rockin’ and rollin’, and never stop believing in yourself or your music!  In addition, things can change at any time.  As this is new, I may tweak as we go, based on the feedback received.  Also, there are no monetary or physical prizes outside of what is noted above. It’s a talent show, and the winner gets to leverage the entire TTK Subscription base via a POST on and on YouTube Channel LMSJR.  Consider it a promotion of sorts!  It’s my genuine way of giving back.  Afterall, TTK would NOT be what it is today, if it wasn’t for all of your subscriptions … so it naturally made sense for me to allow some to leverage it! 

Well, enough of me rambling … it’s time for you to start rocking!. Get rockin’, and hit those forums!

Sincerely, TTK

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