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BC Rich Gunslinger

“I enjoy colleting guitars as much as I enjoy playing them.  Each is a work of art.  Each instrument tells it’s own story and takes you to a special place.” – The Tone King – December 2010



ampegamg100_2 ampegamg100_Red

Above : Ampeg AMG100 in Blonde & Cherry.

BC Rich

bcrichbluesnakeskingunlinsger bcrichstiii bcrichironbirdltd08 bcricheagle99pafsuperdist bcricheaglebassbackyard bcrichmockingbird07ST bcrichmockingbird bcrichwarlockneckthrubsdm bcrichkkwartribe bcrighwarbeastnjdeluxe bcrichdoubleneckbich     BCRJoeyJordison IMG_5735 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Above : USA made blue snakeskin Gunslinger, USA made STiii, Ironbird Limited (w/ lightening-bolt inlay), USA made Eagle, Eagle 5 string bass w/ amazing sounding active electronics, Mockingbird ST, USA made Mockingbird w/ Dimarzio pickups and a Kahler trem, Neck-Thru Warlock, Kerry King Wartribe, Warbeast and the super rare, super beautiful BC Rich DoubleNeck Bich made famous by hot rocker chicks like Lita Ford, and the matching 10 string Bich Perfect 10 (first edition w/ quilted top).  Virgin w/ Rockfield pickups , the long awaited BCR TTK-1 upgraded with a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck, and finally a super rare BC Rich Outlaw upgraded with Dimarzio DP194 and DP195 (PAF Classic Neck and Bridge pickup set).  Would you believe me if I told you I bought that guitar 3x?  Well, I did.  Long story, but I did buy that guitar 3x over!



Above : Carvin DC135 in pearl white, w/ rare, branded Carvin pickups & a killer looking CS6M single cut! Also featured is a Carvin Contour 66, in black flamed maple, zebra pickups and maple neck.  Not shown, is it’s reverse headstock, for that added bit of ‘bad-ass’!


charvelmodel1adimarziofasttrack charvelmodel1cj90 charvelm5 charvelmodel6 

Above : Charvel Model 1A w/ Dimarzio Fast Track pickups, Charvel Model 1C, Charvel Model 5 & a Charvel Model 6 w/ the Kahler trem.


Cort CR250 in Vintage Burst.  A tremendous looking axe, with the fit and finish of guitars costing 10x more!!



The Bolera AB Plus, and the Barchetts ST Lotus Aubergine (From NAMM 2011), and a trademark DBZ finish – The Bolero in Siberian Quilt!  Way to go Dean!!


deanmlblackgold   deandimehell_2  deanericpetersonv deanz79  IMG_7082 IMG_7086

Above : Dean ML Black-Gold, Dean ML AT3000 in ScaryCherry & TransbrazilliaBurst (limited edition ML Carved Tops!!), Dean Dime CFH, Dean Eric Peterson SIgnature Series (Testament Guitarist) and a Dean 79′ Z.  I have earned my wings!!!  And, if all of that isn’t enough, lay your eyes on the limited edition Dave Mustaine Double neck V.  This may be the biggest guitar in my collection!!

Ed Roman

edromanquicksilver IMG_6148

Ed Roman Quicksilver w/ Duncan BlackBacks and ‘early’ headstock (which happen to match the lightening bolt inlays.  SUPER COOL !


espstrat esptele    

Above : ESP Vintage Plus Strat, Vintage Plus Tele, Collection of GusG axes … the EC 600 & the Random Star!  Newest in the line-up is the ESP/LTD Alexi Blacky!  If this axe doesn’t say ‘metal’, I’m not sure what does!  Finally, new for 2011 is the ESP/LTD EC1000 T/CTM (which is the most traditional of the Les Paul style ESPs)


fender91claptonstratemgsa fenderrhdimarzio fenderrhtexas fendersteveharrisbass

Above : USA made Fender Clapton, Fender 60’s reverse headstock SRV pickup-up set, Fender 60’s reverse headstock YJM pickup set, Fender P-Bass Iron Maiden Signature Series Steve Harris model.


Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Signature Series Rampage.  Killer isn’t it?


gibson98lespaulcustomplus490498  epi_iommi_G400   firebird studio


Above : USA made Gibson Les Paul Custom Plus, USA Gibson 60’s Neck in Trans Black, SG G-400 Iommi Signature Series.    Also shown is a 2011, Epiphone Wildkat in Limited Edition Royale finish.  Truly a beautiful looking guitar.  You can’t see from the picture, but it has orange sparkle binding.  Nothing else quite like this one! And, a USA made Gibson RD limited edition.

Kramer (Gibson made)

kramernightriderred Kramer Bengal

Above : a super-rare Gibson made Kramer ES335 semi-hollow night-rider.


The Reaper


ibanezict700 ibanezart100 ibanez art300  

Ibanez RG Ibanez S

Above : Ibanez Iceman, ART100 in rare silver, ART320 single-cut in blackberry, Ibanez DT350, a smoking hot & rare Xiphos Doubleneck – only 10 made world-wide ~ this is Serial #1 : compliments of Winter NAMM 2010!!


jacksondk1 jacksondk2m jacksonkvx10ltd08 harleysporster89

Above : USA made Jackson DK-1, Jackson Limited DK2M in White Bengal and KVX10 King V w/ matching paint-job on my 89 Harley.

Jay Turser


Michael Kelly


Above : Michael Kelly Vibe Semi-Hollow w/ Bigsby and Michael Kelly Patriot Victory

Minarik – Click HERE for updated Photo Gallery

Updated Photo Gallery includes the Diablo, Inferno, Samhain & 3 Goddesses.

Medussa & Samhain Bass will be uploaded soon.

minarikdiablodistortionjazz minarikinfernojbjazz minariksamhain minarikmedusaminarikdiablobass minarikgoddesstiger minarikgoddessdcb

Above : Minarik Diablo, Inferno, Samhain, Medusa, Diablo Bass, Goddess in Cherry, DCB & Oceanburst.


moser_stit_purple moser_stit_green

Above : Moser STI-T in lavender and green.

Music Man

USA Made Axis in Black Magic Crystal



Above : Ovation 1861LX Balladeer.

Paul Reed Smith (PRS)


Above : PRS Classic Electric w/ Dragon PUPs.    Also shows is an imported PRS SE Tremonti.  This is the 2011 model, with the full body, neck and headstock binding with bird inlays!  I always liked the Tremonti, and in 2011, PRS finally got this one right (former Tremonti SE models lacked the bird inlays, and full binding).


Above, center is my Peavey Vandenberg in Laser Red.  This is the Peavey Vanderberg Signature 2nd Edition with 2370 Spyder Kahler Trem system with factory installed Kahler Auto-Latch (the predecessor to the current day Tremol-No). Keeping it company is my USA BC Rich STiii in ‘Arrest Me Red’ and my MIJ Charvel Model 1C in deep metallic red.


Rickenbacker 620 in JetGlo

Rico Jr.

 ricojrvixen ricojrgaryholtredquilt

Above : Rico Jr. Protocype SBII w1/2 maple, 1/2 ebony fretboard & Duncan Mustaine Pickups, Gary Holt Signature Series in armor & red quilt (custom fitted w/ SD Blackouts) and Rico Jr. RS in Gunmetal Gray w/ SD Blackouts also!.



Above : TTK’s first guitar, EVER!  If I had to sell all but one … this would be the last to go.


schecterbadabling schecterc1

Above : Schecter glass-top Bada-Bling and an S-1



Above : Spector NS2000/5, 5 string active PUP bass.


washburnhm20  washburn IMG_7148 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

IMG_5831 IMG_5951

Above : HM20 & USA Custom Shop – WI556B

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