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DBZ Guitars : HISTORY & MUST HAVE GUITARS for any collection! Dean Zelinsky


ERA is an important aspect to guitar collecting. Check out these DBZ Guitars, made when Mr. DBZ was behind the name! If you like this video — here is the Playlist to my other ‘Guitar Collection’ videos: and here is a playlist to ALL of my DBZ Coverage, dating back to 2010: . ENJOY!
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Some additional History on Dean B, Zelinsky:

Dean founded Dean Guitars in 1976
Dean then sold Dean Guitars circa 1990

10 years later in 2000, he returned to Dean Guitars
Then in 8 years later in 2008, leaves Dean Guitars to start DBZ Guitars.

4 years later in 2012, Dean separates from DBZ Guitars to start Dean Zelinski Private Label.

The guitars in this video are DBZ Guitars in my personal collection made while Dean B. Zelinsky was actively involved and working for the DBZ Guitar company.

Line 6

Today Dean owns & operates ‘direct to consumer’ DZPL (Dean Zelinsky Private Label) with guitars such as the Strettavita and Tagliare.


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