ROUND 2 – MXR Fullbore vs Hardwire Metal vs Boss Metal Core w/ new TTK Riff ! Michael Kelly Patriot – READ ME

I read every comment that comes in. Most of the time, I DO NOT record w/ a MIC. Reason is … Mic Placement is NEVER perfect. Center of cone has full spectrum of audio, but looses bottom end. Off Axis has bottom end, but looses clarify, etc. Sooo… I wanted to shoot-out the 3 pedals AGAIN, but this time, with a CD quality MIC, AWAY from the cabinet, so you can hear, what my ears were hearing when I was playing the RIFFS. Afterall, when was the last time you jammed your ear into a cabinet, to hear it? IMO – you loose the effect of a thumping cabinet! So, if my theory is correct – this should sound a little better than a Mic’d demo of the pedals. BUT, you be the judge. Leave your comments.

PLUS – SINCE SO MANY OF YOU HATE THAT I PLAY THE SAME RIFFS … I put together a new RIFF for you. Hopefully you’ll like it :-). I thought it was METAL enough, for these pedals. Maybe, I’ll put it together, as a 2nd TTK branded song, w/ my Digitech GNX3.

Can you help me name it?

LASTLY – A note about the pedals. I tuned these pedals to my liking, so to my ears, the sound was just right. Of course, there is no right / wrong in tweaking them to your own liking.

In my opinion (which everyone asks anyway) … The Boss Metal Core has the most mids … so it’ll naturally cut through the mix better than (I think) the other 2 pedals. This may be ideal if you’re in a band, and want your riffs to come though. Even though the other 2 pedals can probably get close to this – the Metal Core, ‘naturally’ sounded like it had more mids.

The MXR Fullbore ‘naturally’ IMO had LESS mids than the other 2. It sounds like a death metal pedal – thumping bass, heart pounding riffs, but (IMO) WILL NOT cut through a mix. NOT ideal for solo work, where you’d want a mid pedal.

Lastly – the Hardwire Metal Distortion … I think this pedal was the best of both worlds. It had similar mids to the Metal Core, but pounded out the riffs like the Fullbore. I’d say its the most versatile. BUT, with that said – I don’t like that the 2 middle knobs are shared. With fat fingers, you’d have trouble dialing in your tone in a pinch, but it is possible. That is really my only complaint w/ this pedal – the controls are too jammed.

Control wise – the Boss was the best (most simple), then the MXR (no sharing of controls), even though I wasn’t into the smaller pedal shape, then the Digitech.

Sound wise – I think the Digitech won. Again – it was the best of both worlds.

BUT, that’s my opinion … what is yours? COMMENT BELOW!

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