RedRox by Dawner Prince Effects

Back in the homeland of Nikola Tesla — in the land of inspiration — is where Dawner Prince brand was bought to power. (fyi – design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system).
• Founded in 2009 — taking electricity and turning it into sonic art.
• Circuits are ‘highly sophisticated’, ‘more reliable’ and ‘studio quality’.
• Described as ‘innovative, versatile, functional & beautiful’.
• All carefully hand crated in Imotski Croatia.
• (Reference :

Red Rox Distoriton
A hot rodded distortion pedal — from clean to grease melting distortion.
Master : Controls output volume level.
Contour : Controls frequency emphasis overall. Middle : balanced, clockwise — incrased mids, counter CW — scouped.
Tone — Controls the frequency emphasis on highs coming from the distortion section.
PreAmp : Controls the amt of distortion in the signal. Middle : acts like a clean booster. Fully CW — full, fast, thick distortion.
SPEC : 9-18v, 2.1mm neg tip, ‘Red Rox distortion pedal is a fully professionally desgined and handmade pedal with autiophile quality components — a pedal built to last’.


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