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Most versatile 4×10 Guitar Cabinet !


Folks – First – let me say that I really dislike my Zoom Q3HD. Every time I use it – the quality really stinks. Volume goes up & down, etc. Anyway – enough of that rant …

About this video : Here is very impromptu video of some ‘Tone Living Room’ noodling. As you can tell – I simply got the camera rolling to share w/ you some of my own gear noodling … hopefully you can learn from it !!

Why would you make a 4×10 out of four 1×10 cabinets?
– Versatility
– Easier to buy 1×10 speakers and hide your purchases!
– Speaker / Cabinet – mix / match for ultimate tone searching.
– Widen up your sound on stage!
– Look cool on stage!!
– Have your own Tone Lounge!
– If you can think of more, add to the comments below!

Line 6

Anyway – I hope you enjoy the video! Rock ON!!

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