TTK Presents : Real Lessons by Real Players

The Tone King brings you – Real Lessons by Real players, from people just like you!

Boys & Girls – TTK is working hard to find you lessons that are a bit different than anything else out there.    These teachers are hand selected by TTK himself, and the lesson plans are carefully put together to get you rocking!  The goal of these lessons are to get you rocking FAST with some killer riffage put together in such a way that’s easy to follow and learn!

What is SMS?

SMS is The Tone King’s mission in finding the RIGHT lessons for you.  It stands for Shredding Made Simple.  It’s a TTK exclusive approach to lessons.  In short, there are thousands of folks that teach guitar lessons, but few who can break it down in an easy way to get you cranking quickly!!  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to keep up with ‘Shredding Made Simple’.

Below is an example SMS lesson of Charles Benson tearing it up, yet showing you how easy you can accomplish his technique!   I hope you enjoy the videos, and most importantly … hope it gets you ripping up and down the fretboard faster than you can say ‘The Tone King Rocks!’ 

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