Winter NAMM 2010 – Peavey Amp Shoot-Out Video: 6534+ and Butcher

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TheToneKing Presents full video coverage of the NAMM 2010 show. One of my personal favorites sent to us was this really cool (and useful) Peavey amplifier shoot-out video. This video provides us audio samples of the all-new Peavey 6534+ and Peavey Butcher up against the 6505+, 3120 and JSX. To top it off, TheToneKing found a guitarist bearing the Black Label Society colors to demo each amp individually for us.

Peavey have brought the guitar world two new hi-gain, hi-power guitar amplifier heads this year, which was displayed at the NAMM 2010 Show. The 6534+ (Plus) and the radically named Butcher can now be heard on video [scroll down] in comparison to the Peavey JSX, 6505+, and the relatively new Peavey 3120 head, thanks to TheToneKing.

Peavey 6534+The 6534+ (Plus) follows in the footsteps of the renown 5150/6505, which set new standards for extreme high-gain and brute power for rock and metal guitarists. The Peavey 6534+ head, as its moniker suggests, is a ‘Britsih’ version, utilizing EL34 power-tubes in the power section to provide that renown Marshall ‘Brit’ sound.

According to Peavey, the 6534+ retains the hi-gain characteristics of the 5150/6505 but is designed to generate minimum background noise at high levels, and delivers a massive 120-Watts into 16-, 8- or 4-ohm. Six 12AX7 pre-tubes provide the tonal foundation for the 6534+ in the preamp section.

Both rhythm and lead channels include independent three-band EQ and Peavey’s own Resonance and Presence controls, designed for low and high end enhancemant. The rhythm channel also features a bright switch and a footswitchable crunch boost. There is also an effects loop and preamp out on the rear panel. The footswitch for channel changing is also included. As Peavey say: “New tubes, new tones and the same legendary power”. Check for price.

Peavey ButcherThe Peavey Butcher is a 100-watt two-channel amp which also aims to emulate the British EL34 powered heads, and at the same time offers a range of innovative features like two footswitchable master volumes and a 12-way punch selector, which adjusts the low end attack; helping to match the head to different speaker cabinets.

The preamp section of the Peavey Butcher includes five 12AX7s driving four EL34 power tubes, that delivers 100-watts into 16-, 8- or 4-ohms. Another cool feature is its half power switch that drops the output power to 50-watts. The master section offers two footswitchable master volumes for solo boost and a patented Presence control to enhance the extreme high frequencies. There is a three-band EQ on each channel and a 12-way Punch attack on the crunch channel. Both channels feature a pre-gain boost switch. In addition to all those great features, there is a MSDI mic simulated XLR direct output for recording. Also on the rear panel you’ll find a line-out with a level control and an active effects loop w/ both send and return level controls. The four-button footswitch is included. Peavey describes this head as “Innovative versatility and timeless brutal British tone”. The Peavey Butcher will be available this spring. Check for price.

Peavey 6534+ and Peavey Butcher Video Shoot-Out – Live from the Winter NAMM 2010 floor.

TheToneKing Peavey Shoot-Out

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