Panama Guitars – Cabinet Unboxing (new cab day!)

Living Room Rocker Style Unboxing of the Panama Tone Wood Series 2×12. Specific model is the TONEWOOD HORIZONTAL 2X12 :

Built in attenuator
– Open / Closed back design
– Advanced Electronics
– Premium 3/4″ Spanish Cedar with floating tonewood baffle.
– Custom Drivers, (options include): Dual or mixed combination Aged V30-style tributes, the beefed-up more aggressive D30, or a modern tribute to the classic Greenback-style speaker, our PRB “Purpleback”. Our “Modern British Ceramic” (MBC) voicing consists of our custom AV30 and a WGS ET65.

Sustainably harvested Panamanian Bloodwood, Purpleheart, Palo Mora, Zorrowood, and Black Palm.

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