No Give-Away for June – Daisy Rock – Disappointed !!!

Folks – I hate to announce this, but there will be no give-away for June. Despite being a HUGE FAN of Daisy Rock, since my daughter LOVES their line and 2 committments from Daisy Rock via email outlining ‘go head’ on a June give-away – they have since expressed ‘disappointment’ that I announced the give-away with claims that I did so ‘without their concent’. Again, this is despite the 2 emails I have IN WRITING, confirming they were good for the give-away for June. So, I suggested to them that we revisit this another time, b/c apparently the timing for them wasn’t right. So much for my enthusiasm & positive press I gave them to the community in wanting this to happen. Frankly speaking, if their heart isn’t in it the way mine is … then it’s just not a right fit!

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