NAMM 2014: KORG Pitcblack Pro Rack-Mount Tuner

Back in July, checked out Korg’s Pitchblack Tuner Footpedal. And, Korg didn’t dissapoint. Now, they’re taking all of the awesomeness that they put into the Pitchblack foot pedal and kicking it up to the next level in a one space Rack-Mount unit. Three display modes include Regular Meter mode, Strobe Meter mode, and Half Strobe Meter mode.

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For Immediate Release

Korg Displays Pitchblack Pro Rack-mount Tuner and Cable Checker

— Newest rack tuner is ultra-lightweight and thin, with extremely high visibility––



WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 23rd, 2014 – Since creating the world’s first professional rack-mounted tuner, the DT-1 Pro in 1987, Korg has continued to produce trustworthy, accurate tuners used by professionals worldwide. In response to popular consumer and artist demand, Korg offers its latest rack-mounted tuner, the Pitchblack Pro.


The Pitchblack Pro is easy to see, even from a distance. The newly-developed “3D” style tuning meter offers exceptional visibility with illuminated color LEDs that provide unparalleled brightness and visibility. The special design with treated acrylic allows a multi-dimensional view of the display–from the surface of the screen all the way into its depths–so that from any distance or angle, discrepancies or changes in pitch will be equally visible.


The large meter provides three display modes:


  • Regular Meter mode

Similar to using a needle-type tuner, the illuminated LED will move to the right if the string is sharp, toward the left if the string is flat, or in the center if the string is in tune


  • Strobe Meter mode

The LED meter illumination stops flowing when the string is in in tune. The illumination will flow from left to right if the string is sharp or from right to left if the string is flat.

  • Half Strobe Meter mode

The LED meter illumination stops flowing and only the center LED is lit up when the string is in tune. The right side of the LED meter strobes if the string is sharp; the left side strobes if the string is flat.


A convenient Cable Checker function is built into the Pitchblack Pro; simply connect the ends of a mono ¼” cable to INPUT 1 and the CABLE CHECK jack, and the display will indicate whether the cable is broken and/or shorted.


Occupying only 1U of rack space, the Pitchblack Pro’s body is ultra-lightweight and slim. It weighs in at a mere 12.80 Oz. and is only 1.93” deep, for convenient, lightweight travel. The left and right rack ears can be attached or detached with ease, and they can also be mounted to the bottom of the tuner to serve as a tilt-back stand for tabletop use.


The Pitchblack Pro is designed with a buffered output to minimize any additional noise in the audio signal. There’s also a Mute function for silent tuning. The MUTE jack allows a footswitch to conveniently turn the mute function on/off.


The Pitchblack Pro is currently available for a US street price of $99.99. Additional product information is available at


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