Korg Pitchblack Polytuner

korg_pitchblack_polyA sniper has one job, and he does that one job well. A well trained sniper can lay in one place and wait for hours. Like the Bushido Samurai, his focus is unaltered while his body may lie in a dormant state then called upon at the perfect moment to kill with precision.

Or maybe I just watch too many movies.

When I was tasked by TheToneKing.com to look at it, I noticed that the Korg Pitchblack Polytuner can do everything my imagined sniper can do. It can lay in wait for hours, taking in only minimal signs of life and at that moment when the time is right and everything has gone sharp or flat, you call on it to set it all right once again.

“The Pitchblack Poly tuner by Korg is a great example of how Korg is always looking around the corner to create gear that is practical, user friendly, and almost magic.

“Tuning on the fly has never been easier” – Steve Vai.

Forged in die-cast aluminum body, this is the knife to your survival tactics. It can automatically detect when you plug in guitar or bass, so there is no need to touch it with your grubby Cheeto-caked fingers. It can come in two flavors, mono or chromatic, so we don’t have the children fighting over it, and wasting the 7 hours of battery life (using Alkaline). The String Seeker feature will zero in on which string is out, so we could hammer in that nail.

The website states “Ideal for floating tremolo systems,” and the math is sound. I don’t own a Floyd Rose, so I’m not familiar with this problem, but it seems when one string is flat, the rest of them go sharp. One day I will buy a guitar with a locking trem system, and when I do, I will take Korg up on their recommendation.

While this sniper has one trick, that doesn’t mean it has no flair. With four tuning L.E.D. display modes: Regular Meter, Full Strobe, Half Strobe, or Split. Regular Meter mode is the needle in the cross hairs. The center of the meter is lit like the North Star and pivots to show you the individual strings position, showing we all still love the traditional tuners. Full Strobe mode flows like water across the tuner and the Half-Strobe mode gives you a measurable sense of your performance by visually showing the loss of harmony you have with your band. Split mode is a mix of Regular Meter mode and Half Strobe. As you turn the machine head towards the animosity, be it sharp or flat, the intended direction will display meter mode while the opposing side will show half strobe. The perfect moment is upon you and the field is level. Go on grasshopper and show them what one trick can lead to.


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About the Author: Started playing bass at 15. It was Danko Jones who inspired me to play at all, and in a small town I couldn't be picky on what I can get my hands on, so I bought a squire with pride. Obtained a B.C. Rich guitar months later. Moved to the city at 17. At 19 joined my first metal band as a bassist which ended at 20. Joined a bass heavy rock band, which I loved being in whole heartily. I now wait to venture into a new project. For the time being though, I am exploring my abilities as a writer.

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