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Carvin Amps & Audio is now offering the new SCx Series, a high performance active loudspeaker solution for small to mid-sized venues. The SCx Series is composed of a 12-inch (SCx12A) and a 15-inch (SCx15A) active multi-purpose loudspeakers, as well as a 18-inch (SCx18A) subwoofer. The built-in 1000 watts of power and Analog Devices DSP make it easy to deliver the best performance.

Each model share these following features:

  • 1000W of bi-amped power.
  • Analog Devices ADAU1701 Sigma DSP processor provides4 user settings: LIVEPLAYBACK/DJMONITOR, or EXTERNAL SUBWOOFER.
  • A LIMITING DSP protecting from driver and horn damage.
  • Includes a two channel mixer. For small gigs, you can plug directly into the speaker, adjust levels and you are ready to perform.
  • Includes 6 fly points for installation applications.
  • Constructed of premium poplar with weather proof DuraTec finish.
  • Accommodates voltages from 115VAC/60Hz to 230VAC/50Hz.

The SCx12A (12-inch) and the SCx15A (15-inch) are multi-purpose enclosures that come both equipped with a 1.5-inch (38mm) pole mount cup for using them on top of the SCx18A or other subwoofer as a satellite main loudspeaker.

Line 6

The SCx18A is a 1000W active 18-inch subwoofer with DSP, which features a ported bass reflex enclosure delivering sub-bass down to 35 Hz, adding real depth and feel to your performances. The 1000W active system features a bridged output to the 8 ohm heavy-duty 18-inch woofer, and includes the following features:

  • Analog Devices ADAU1701 Sigma DSP processor has 4 crossover settings to best suit your situation: 80Hz120Hz160Hz,or 200Hz.
  • Includes two balanced XLR inputs and two balanced THRU outputs for connecting other subwoofers.
  • LEVEL and PHASE controls are standard.

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