Make Framus Part of Your Next “New Gear Day” … and enjoy it for a lifetime

This past Christmas, right before things got dicey in the world, I received a gloriously awesome gift from the CEO of a gorgeous Framus dreadnought acoustic/electric. I am no stranger to higher-end acoustics, owning two extremely nice instruments made by names you probably know. What continues to stun me about the Framus is not the workmanship (outstanding), the classy look (tort binding, sculpted bridge, great finish), or the overall quality. It’s how much playing time that Framus gets with the other two heavy hitters hanging around. I haven’t done the detailed math, but I strongly suspect I could buy probably a half-dozen or more of that Framus model with the money I put into those two other instruments. Not to mention that my other two undeniably nice acoustics don’t even have electronics installed, while the Framus does. It’s a special instrument in so many ways.

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I’m sure there are plenty of professionals out there who would caution against indulging in “retail therapy” or some purchase that’s impulsive or short-lived and done strictly as a mood enhancer. And we here at definitely recognize that current circumstances have put people in precarious financial situations. But no matter what price-point your Framus checks in at, you’re getting a fantastic instrument, worth every penny and thensome, for a lifetime. In your search for something positive and inspiring, Framus definitely warrants a look.


You’re not going to get a…ahem…”modding platform”…that you’ll feel compelled to pump another couple of Benjamins into just to make it look or perform acceptably to you. Right out of the box, you’re getting an instrument that will meet your needs and inspire your brain and your ears on day one…..and day, two, three, 100, 1000, and beyond.


If you have the financial inclination and the means, you really can’t go wrong going with the Framus Custom Shop. I have nothing but love for the custom shops associated with traditional brands. But they’re kind of…everywhere, you know? And who can even tell anymore whether that S-, T-, or LP-style guitar you’re supporting is a custom shop, parts-build, generic factory unit, or legitimate vintage in the first place, short of the badging some builders put on the back of the headstock?


With a Framus, you’re getting a distinctive, modern instrument that still has enduring styling and appeal. While many custom shop builds focus on traditional techniques, appearances, and looks (there’s a robust market for that, so you can’t blame them), Framus continually pushes the envelope on modern build and aesthetics with their Diablo and Idolmaker models, while still fist-bumping it’s heritage with the Mayfield, AK, and AZ semi-hollow lines. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or traditional, the Framus Custom Shop has you covered.


If you don’t have the means, you’re still going to get a significant amount of custom seasoning in the Pro Series and D-Series lines. If you want an artist model, say a William DuVall or Devin Townsend, you can go top shelf and get an amazing instrument. Or you can get the same model at a more affordable tier and get an amazing instrument. That is seriously cool, and not available with many builders out there. With the builders that do offer more affordable versions of artist signature models, they typically relegate them to the cheaper brand name. With Framus, that’s the only name you’ll ever see on the headstock, with the same devotion to quality and performance expressed in every model and that you’ll experience for years on end.


Framus enables you to pick exactly the right type of instrument for you without melting into the massive (and probably NOT socially distanced) crowd of Stra-Tel-o-Paul-caster slingers (and hey, I’m one of those on occasion) out there. And whichever Framus is right for you, your mind will very likely be blown away each and every time you pick it up; the passion for design evident in the construction, the gobs of soul is in it’s sound, and just how damn sexy it looks.


Long after we’re finally done with whatever glitchy reality we’re living in right now, you’ll still be digging the choice to go with a Framus. My Framus still blows my mind every time I pick it up. Can you say that about any of the guitars you own now?

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