LIVE SHOW 4th of JULY DEALS! Fender Squier Contemporary Strat Unboxing. GUEST Jeff Diamant

★ Special Guest Jeff Diamant will be joining us for a 4th of July Day sale reveal :
★ Guitar Center Deal Spoiler:

00:00 Karang! and hello
05:14 TTK 2 Signature Guitar
05:08 Q: Cheap guitar and Expensive Amp?
06:35 Unboxing a new guitar FENDER Contemporary Strat:
12:00 How to Tune a Floyd Rose Trem! LIVE DEMO
25:14 Jeff Diamant joins TTK
28:52 World Series Ball
30:36 Diamand Guitars July 4th Sale special announcement! The Custom Shop
38:00 The Stevie Salas story
38:55 TTK’s Instagram
46:35 Summer NAMM observations, CITES and wood availability
47:58 Halcyon ST question
52:12 Richlite recycled fretboard materials
56:00 TTK on Tonewood
1:00:40 SPECIAL! Diamond Guitars Coupon code only good right NOW! Coupon code TTKLIVE04 (saves extra $20 on shipping)
1:03:27 July 4th plans
1:06:26 Question time with TTK and Jeff Diamant
1:08:29 The new Fender Player Strat
1:09:06 Impact on Fender’s imported series on the US production?
1:11:18 TTK’s favorite Diamond model?
1:13:00 Indonesia, the new Korea for guitar manufacturing?
1:16:08 No guitar cases from Korea?
1:17:29 Sale on Diamond Amps? Contact Jeff
1:19:37 History of small Diamond Amps
1:21:10 Making of the Positron and Assassin Diamond Amps
1:22:19 The F4 and Assassin Diamond Amps origins
1:24:33 The used amp market and seller tips
1:27:10 A Guitar Center tale of woe – busted!
1:29:04 A wrap up – 4th of July wishes

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