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Jet City vs. Soldano – Shoot-Out! ~Using Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar~


Folks, enjoy this shoot-out between the Jet City JCA100H and the Soldano Hot Rod 50+ using my Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar.

Regarding the amps … here’s the story the way I understand it : The Soldano Hot Rod has the magical SLO circuit in it. It only differs from the Soldano SLO by having a different transformer. The JCA100H also has the SLO circuit in it. So, for all intense and purposes – both of these amps have the SLO circuit in it … so this shoot-out is fair. USA SLO circuit vs. Import SLO circuit. Power differences explained in the video.

VOTE & DECIDE – which do you like best? COMMENT BELOW!!! (Also comment below what shoot-out you’d like to see next!)

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