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JACKSON Adrian Smith SDX Guitar Review – Signature Series


Folks, enjoy this full-on review of the Jackson Adrian Smith SDX guitar.

For an aggressive street price of $499 – this is by far a tremendous value, especially that it bears an A List Artist’s Name, from one of my fav & hottest bands ever – IRON MAIDEN!

Also a must for any JAKE E LEE Fan, as it has the same vibe going one!

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Some links for your viewing pleasure:


Behind the Scenes:

Line 6

Iron Maiden’s DAVE MURRAY Strat Review:

Initial showing of Adrian Smith Guitar on my LIVE WEBCAST (With full Time-Stamps):

And, if you dig the LIVE Webcast Coverage – you’re coordially invited to join! Event is the Last Friday of each month @ 2 Minutes 2 Midnight, Eastern / New York time!


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