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I’m hoping that if I say their name enough times, they’ll give me a hint as to what in the hell they have planed for NAMM 2014. I’ve got reporting to do, man, and I can’t report on question marks!

Well, here I am reporting on question marks. Blackstar has been hitting the ground so hard with new gear that the earth shakes every time someone utters their name. For 30 Pedals in 30 Days, we took a look at the LT BOOST, DRIVE, DIST, METAL, and DUAL. Then, there was the HT Metal. Then, the ID: 15. Anywhere you look, Blackstar has been there making killer gear.

Now, they’re being all hush hush and shit.

All we got is a silhouette  of some dude playing some killer riffage through an amp. Presumably, it’s the amp. Or, is it the guitar? Or is it something that we can’t see? Some have speculated that the amp is an addition to their ID series. Which would be cool. But, why the secrecy?

Let’s breakdown the video to see if there are any clues:

0:01-0:02: The Blackstar Amplification logo fades in and out. So, we know that this is Blackstar and not Blackschtar, Plackstar, or some other knock off brand.

0:03-0:11: The guy is clearly enjoying what he is doing. And, he is counting as he is playing. So, he’s had training. The tune starts out in E minor. This could allude to the fact that Blackstar doesn’t have time for Major keys or any of their bullshit.

0:12-0:20: A kick drum comes in, playing in 4/4 time. 4/4 time is also known as “Common Time.” This could mean that the rap artist known as Common may have something to do with Blackstar’s new project. Let’s hope so. Because Common’s rhymes be sick, yo!


0:20-0:38: The drums kick in as the shadow dude starts playing a sick lead. Very Satriani-esque. Also, note the whammy at 0:23. Will there be more WHAMM at NAMM? Only Blackstar knows for sure.

0:38-0:52: Holy Shit! Who let Tom Morello in the room?

At 0:37, the words “SUPER WIDESTEREO” pop up. Could be an allusion to Soundgarden’s fourth album SUPERUNKNOWN. And, as we all know. Tom Morello played with Soundgarden’s own Chris Cornell in Audioslave…. Holy shit! The biggest hit off of SUPERUNKNOWN was “Black Hole Sun!” Blackstar! Black Hole Sun! The Sun is a star! Mind=Blown

At 0:40, “ISF Infinite Shape Feature” pops up. This is a feature that is included in many of Blackstar’s amps and pedals. But, I prefer to go with the quantum theoretical theory of infinite space means infinite number of parallel universes. Meaning, that at NAMM 2014, Blackstar will be unveiling an infinite number of products in an infinite number of universes. Let’s hope that our universe isn’t the one where they unveil the mind-controlling hamster.

@ 0:41, “Mp3 Line In.” Unfortunately, even my bread maker has an Mp3 line in. So, this doesn’t help us with identifying what Blackstar is unveiling.

@0:43, “6  Voices.” 6 Part harmony? Iron Maiden has taught us that 666 is the Number of the Beast. I just have one question! “Will Satan be doing autographs at the Blackstar booth this year?”

@0:44, “12FX in Super Wide Stereo.” 12 = 6+6. Here are the other two 6’s. Also, I hope Super Wide Stereo will fit in my car.

@0:45, “USB.” Um. I think you mean “USA” I know Blackstar is from the UK. So, I’m going to cut them a little of slack here.

@0:46, “Free Insider Software.” Inside of what? Have we been in the Matrix this whole time? I’ll call Keanu!

@0:48, “Coming Soon Winter NAMM 2014.”  Winter is Coming! Game of Thrones fans may have reason to rejoice. Has Blackstar joined forces with George R.R. Martin to create the Song of Ice and Fire Signature Amp?

You know that once we get to NAMM, we’re making a b-line straight for the Blackstar booth, and will be one of the first to report on what’s new with Blackstar!

Also, this post is exactly 666 words long!

Shit! Somebody call Bruce Dickinson!

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