Ingredients of your Guitar – Tone Woods Discussed!

Guitar Gear Tech Talk – with special guest Chet Haun. 3 solid hours, where we go through the ingredients that make up your guitar!

What’s in the Spaghetti? The “ingredients” of your guitar. This episode focuses on the “materials” or “ingredients” of your guitar and how they affect the playability / sound. Bridges, nuts, frets, woods, etc! Special guest – Chet Haun, professional guitar tech. Has worked for: Zoltan Bathory (currently). Past includes Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Gus G, Scott Ian, Justin Derrico (Pink), Jeff Beck and more. With Chet, we’ll talk about the same stuff, as well as maintenance of your guitar, what it means to be a guitar tech and we’ll cover any questions you have.

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Special thanks to Chet Haun & Jeff Diamant. Visit Jeff here:
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