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Got it Covered: Checks Out DBZ Diamond’s Diamond Tactical Gig Bags



We all take pride in our guitar collections. It’s an ongoing task cleaning, polishing and maintaining these investments. So, when it comes to transporting our guitars, we seek out the best solutions to protect our axes for the travel situation. The choices out there are limitless, but let me share a little information on one company that deserves a good look.

Recently, I received my Diamond Tactical, Mil-Specs built, Gig-bag from DBZ Diamond. This is the same bag that TheToneKing reviewed and setup back in July 2014. If you haven’t seen that video episode, why not? Go have a look and then come back to this article. If you have seen it, then you’ll completely understand why these rugged and functional bags were created with the gigging guitar player in mind.

drawings-_0000_1-inside_1024x1024Back at Winter NAMM 2014, I was walking towards the DBZ Diamond booth and these sharp looking gig-bags immediately grabbed my attention. Not only because of the unique look, but also it screamed that the design would provide your guitar with enhanced protection and is a customized carrying solution for your gear. Which is only limited to your imagination. Ordinarily, when you have a gig-bag, you’re stuck to one main large pocket, with perhaps a couple very small interior pockets. You might fit a cable and a few odds and ends inside. Then you’re still faced with carrying your pedals, an extra bag with other essentials and your cell phone etc. Your hands are basically full and you’re doing a juggling act as you try to open the door at your local music club. Well gone are the day of useless pockets and the doorway circus act. DBZ Diamond has created the world’s first MOLLE system designed gig-bag that you can customize to fit your needs. This isn’t like your ordinary gig-bag that limits you. The Diamond Tactical Gig-Bag goes beyond that to provide special innovated solutions for the use by the everyday guitar player.

pouch-inset-_0002_Layer_1_1024x1024Now, if you watched the TheToneKing’s review on these ultimate gig-bags, you will be able to appreciate the unsurpassed durability and functionality the Diamond Tactical Gig-Bag has to offer. However, here is another feature that also stands out. The QD Pedal Pouch. The Quick Detach pouch is the perfect solution to accommodate pedals when you don’t want to bring your big pedal board. Let’s say you just need a tuner and boost pedal that night or up to four pedals. The pouch is designed so that you can set your pedals up inside of it with Velcro (hook & loop), including the cabling, then close it up the pouch and head to the show. A Mil-Spec hook & loop type backing affixes the QD pouch to the MOLLE system. So once you’ve arrived at the gig, you simply pull the pouch off the MOLLE system, open it up and jam. At the end of your performance, close the pouch back up, re-attach it back on to your Diamond Tactical Gig-Bag and your ready to head home. You won’t find a more faster, efficient or convenient pedal board for a gig-bag other than the QD Pedal Pouch.


If you’re in the market for a new gig-bag or looking to upgrade your current gig-bag to this extremely affordable, modern gig-bag that is not only rugged, but customizable and packed full of features, be sure to explore the world of Diamond Tactical. DBZ Diamond not only knows how to bring you outstanding amps, pedals and guitars, they’ve also created a very unique solution for your gigging needs.


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