Gear Talk w/ Artie Love (Guitar Tech Godsmack) : Diamond Amps, Radial Switchers, Tuners & Pedals!

Folks – this is nuts & bolts on everything that is used on tour w/ Godsmack (Sully Erna).

Here friend & fellow rocker Artie Love covers Diamond Amps (Heretic & Hammersmith Models), Radial Switchers & D.I. Boxes, and an array of tuner options (Korg, Peterson & Boss) and Boss, Line 6 & Fuchs Pedals, etc. (Jersey Lightening!!! Oh Yeah!)

Special thanks for Artie for making the time!

Hope you all dig & enjoy the footage / coverage!

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And – if you have never checked out his 2 videos … you must do so, because they are killer!

– The Hurt:
– Obey the Snake:

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Enjoy & Rock ON!

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