Figure Effects is making all handmade, all analog, all turretboard effects. Our pedals are made without the use of printed circuit boards — meaning that your guitar’s signal isn’t strangled by paper-thin traces of copper. This process is labor intensive, tedious, and expensive, but results in purer, more deliberate sounding tones, rock-solid reliability, and a greater ability to modify and alter a pedal to suit a player’s taste. We exclusively use Cliff 3PDT switches for clean, true-bypass operation, highest-quality Switchcraft jacks, and oversized 24mm Alpha potentiometers for a smoother feel and longer life. We use no plastic knobs and our aluminum enclosures are powdercoated in a bulletproof textured black finish that is laser etched with our distinctive graphics. Power can be supplied by nine volt battery or a standard 2.1mm connector.

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The Figure 11 is a dirtbox type overdrive that specializes in putting the screws to the front end of your amp, working with a unique break-up to give your guitar a bit more bite, a bit more hair, and a bit more cut. Paired with an extremely dynamic response to picking attack and signal strength, it avoids that ‘painted-on’ tone that often accompanies pedal overdrive. With a distinct low-end presence, it helps add extra meat to thin signals and further helps to drive an amp so that it can sound more like it could. This has the pleasant side effects of making it a great choice for bass players as well. Designed to work *with* an amp, not to cover it up, it possesses a gain structure that sits far lower in the sonic spectrum that many overdrives out there. It avoids the ubiquitous fizzy high end than many go for and instead seeks to emulate much more realistic tones: the kinds of tones that initially brought the stompbox into existence in the first place. Beat up amps, tired tubes, ripped speakers, cracked cabinets — the history of distorted guitar began with imperfection, raggedness, grit, and grease and the 11 reflects that. With wide range of drive settings available, however, it can function as a dirty boost at low gains — you get only as much dirt as you want — all the way up to a very unique, grainy, wooly tone at max setting. Because of its responsiveness to the signal, hotter pickups and heavier-handed players will have access to a bigger, meaner top end — and inversely, colder pickups and lighter players with have the benefit of a cleaner boost at lower settings. For any guitar and any player, both ranges are accessible by a change in picking or the guitar’s volume — keeping the control in the hands of the player, where it should be. The tone control comes by way of a simple low pass filter — just like the tone knob on a guitar — that keeps the sound natural regardless of its setting rather than adding unnatural frequencies or awkwardly hyping certain parts of the signal. It won’t ever be the brash and effecty tone control that you’ll find on a lot of pedals, but in our opinion if you want massive changes in your spectrum, you may want to look to something other than your overdrive pedal to get there. All that combined with plenty of volume available to hammer the front end of an amp, the Figure 11 rests comfortably as a “player’s” dirtbox — one that is responsive, nuanced, and open but only as polite as you want it to be.


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