Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar Review (using my Blackstar 50 Series One)



Boys & Girls – Enjoy this video review of my Ed Roman Quicksilver guitar.

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As for the video review … The thing I like most about this guitar, (not mentioned in the video) is that you can’t walk into Guitar Center and buy it! It’s rare, simply b/c they’re tough to get your hands on … and as a collector, you can’t ask for anything more.

Construction wise – this is military grade.
Working my way, bottom up … All ROCK SOLID hardware
1) Tone-pros locking bridge and tailpiece, meaning NO movement!
2) Seymour Duncan Black Backs directly mounted to the neck and body, meaning NO movement!
3) Set In NECK, with machine screws torqued into steel inserts (no one else is doing this!)
4) No Glue or paint in neck, which robs tone!
5) 3 piece maple neck w/ center quartersawn for rock solid strength
6) Straight string pull through from nut to tuners

I hope you enjoy the video review.

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