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Drop-Tune FLOYD ROSE in 10 Minutes UNEDITED


This is the Ultimate & Fastest Way to Drop Tune a Floyd Rose Tremolo. I purposely DID NOT EDIT this video, so you can see how long it really takes! And, for easy viewing – here is an exact time-stamp of the steps & process.

:49 assure trem arm is in
1:08 secure the trem from under the fine tuners
1:26 unlock the locking nuts
1:53 level the fine tuners
3:36 stretch your strings
4:27 tune to desired tune (in my case, I am drop tuning)
4:44 proper way to tune a Floyd (sequence of strings)
7:36 lock the locking nuts
7:52 remove the shim
8:10 adjust the claw screws from the back cavity (bringing to tune)
9:31 fine tune
9:57 Job Complete in 10 minutes!
9:59 Some added information & close-ups

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