Celestion G12H30 England Original – Killer TONE Secrets

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Demo of the magical, the original Celestion G12H30 speaker. Done w/ my Tiny Terror and PRS (keeping it simple so you can enjoy the tone). Also … the back cover of the cab was removed (as it is a ported cab, I am not into the thumpiness of a ported cab for guitar). SOOOO … all of that said, this is the shit you don’t hear about, and the shit the pros don’t talk about, and the shit the pros can’t endorse, etc. This is the shit that true TONE connoisseurs use when recording … so when you spend 1k – 3k on an amp, and it has no magical fell, vibe, etc… it’s because the real pixie dust lies in the shit our ears are trained to hear and appreciate. The shit we listed to growing up, the shit that is in every recording studio. Do you really think EVH records on his overly endorsed 3 layers of EVH amps … or do you think he uses his Marshall Plexis, loaded up w/ 70’s Celestions … The truth is … EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS … and here, the Celestion G12H30 COUNTS!!!

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