Bugera 1960 – A or B? Which was modified?

Okay boys and girls … survey says …

A is the  stock 1960 Bugera amp.

B is the modified 1960 Bugera amp.  The modification you heard was a Tube Cascade Gain mod – similar to that of a Marshall 1959RR mod (same type of mod RR had Marshall perform to his ‘hotrodded’ Plexi head).

SO … if you like A – great – it’s a stock Bugera 1960.  If you like B – you essentially like the thick tones of the famous RR mod, which was only done on a limited number of Marshall amps.

The mod is this … it allows both channels to run in series, versus the stock circuit which allows both channels to run in parallel.  The modded amp gives you 4 stages of gain in series, which makes it thicker.  The stock amp gives you 2 stages of gain in each channel (parallel), that don’t cascade w/ each other, which is a bit brighter & crisp, but w/ less thickness.  As you know – Tone is objective – so to each their own!!  Me personally – I think they both sound pretty darn good.  Just depends what you’re looking for in an amp!

This mod was performed for me by amp guru and good friend, Dennis Kager, from Central Jersey Music Center (a little nook in the heart of New Jersey).  Google  search Dennis Kager, and you’ll be suprised to see that he had his hands in MANY popular amp designs, and is responsible for many popular circuits designs, across an array of companies – from Ampeg, to Sundown.  In fact – I’m pretty sure he started Sundown and Pignose.  He was also the brainchild behind the super popular Soldano / Yamaha circuit that’s ever so popular on eBay and the now gone, but highly sought after Reverend Amps (The King Snake, Hell Hound, etc.).  Anyway – he’s a good guy, a GREAT tech (guru status), and a helluva friend.  Thanks Dennis!

If you want this (or another) mod done, give Dennis a call and tell him TTK sent you … his shop # is 732-572-1911.  Some FAQ that usually come up on this mod :

– Can I buy an amp, ship it to Dennis, have him perform the mod, and have him send it back to me – YES, of course.

– Does Dennis Kager perform other mods?  YES (By the way, Dennis is a full service repair facility for guitars and amps, and is a regional repair facility for many or the larger companies).

– What other mods would you suggest for this amp?  TTK suggests – A master volume mod and a mod that will cut 2 power tubes out (50/100w switch) – or a pentode / triode switch (which basically does the same).

– Please note – Dennis Kager & Central New Jersey Music Center is NOT affiliated in any way w/ TTK’s Gear Reviews.  He is a good friend, and a killer amp guru.  Nothing less, nothing more.

And, as usual … I hope you enjoyed the video! 

If you want the link back to the video … here it is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffy6-eTOvNk

OH – If you want to see the back of the Bugera 212 cabinet (for the hook-up options) … here it the picture …

Bugera 2x12 Cabinet Back

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