Blackstar HT5 review and additional detail on the Duelin’ Guitars 6.5 string guitar

OK – DuelinGuitars (scroll down for info & more pics on the Blackstar).  

The owner of DuelinGuitars is a man by the name of Don Scheib. Don is a guitar instructor – and with every penny he makes – he puts it back into his passion – guitar building. Don is a guitarist and banjo player. He put a patent on this guitar design, and sent it over wanting to know what I think about it. To be honest – the guitar is a great invention, and nice change for someone wanting something different, especially if you are into alternate tunings. Let’s face it – there’s so much of ‘the same stuff’ out there – something different is always a breath of fresh air. PLUS – here’s a guy taking every penny earned, and is putting it into a guitar for the world to enjoy, play and share – which is commendable, considering todays crowded & competitive market. Like me – 1 guy, trying to make a small difference to players across the globe – show Don some love – he’s 1 guy trying to make a difference, and is excited about what he’s doing. Thanks Don!  

You can visit Don’s website by clicking on his guitar below – or click HERE.  


OK – Blackstar HT5  

Questions  know you are going to ask :   

1) Is it worth the $$$ ?- For $300 bucks (for the head) – hmmm, I guess so. It’s nicely constructed, and it sounds pretty good.  

2) Are the cabinets worth the $$$ ? – YES. For $100 bucks, you get a nicely finished cabinet, with PROPER angled corners on the back panel, WITH a celestion speaker – the same one that’s found in a Orange AD5 combo amp. NOTE : on the Marshall Zakk Wylde microstack cabinets – they are UNFINISHED, and to remove the back panel – you have to remove the plastic corners – which is just plain silly. Very poorly designed. I give Blackstar 5 stars on the cabinets. Great speakers, Great construction, Great design.  

3) WILL THIS AMP KEEP UP WITH DRUMS? In my opinion, Not without a mic !!  This is a bedroom amp, or a living room amp, or perhaps a studio amp. It won’t be able to keep up w/ a full band – UNLESS you use the OUTPUT and run into a more powerful power section.  

4) Where did I buy it? Guitar Center – $499 (at the time of writing this article)
with both cabinets as a bundle.

5) Where can I get it? Well – Guitar Center (at the time of writing this article) doesn’t sell the pieces individually. Try Musicians Friend. WHEN THEY GET THEM IN STOCK (4/09) – you can buy just the head for $299 or the cabs for $100-something??  


Above – the inside of the Blackstar 1×10 cab.  She’s a beauty!!!  

Above – the inside of a 1×10 Marshall Cabinet. Ugggh.


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