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Blackstar HT-DIST Tube (Valve) Pedal Demo & Review ~ TTK Style! (Distortion Pedal)


Folks, here’s another goodie by Blackstar. Not as brutal as the DISTX, but just enough grit to get the job done!

Like the DIST-X – this video too was recorded using the emulated speaker output, directly into my mixer (DAW), so you get to hear what it sounds like, going directly into the board! Ideal for the stage (into an amp), or the studio (via the emulated speaker out).

Features include : all tube design, 300v (like an amp!), cascaded gain stages (like an amp!), response like an amp, Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), ROCK SOLID metal construction, and killer tones!

Be sure to check my other video reviews of the Blackstar HT-DISTX and HT-DRIVE!

Line 6

As always, thanks for watching & Rock ON, signed, TTK

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