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April 2013 Live Webcast Playback


Thanks to everyone who joined! Full index of what was covered below …

Sound Samples of my new ESP LTD GUS200 w the Seymour Duncan Mayhem Distortion Set. See my ‘How to Install Pickup Video’ here:

Lots of great discussion & story-time around the following topics:
– Air Travel with a Guitar (do’s and don’ts)
– Best Guitar Strings (I use Everly B52s), but lots of talk about ‘Cobalt’, and some vintage brands like Heavy Metal.
– Story Time (by me) about the ‘Window in which you first hear music’, and how that window closes as you get older.

TTK playing LIVE in Orlando with Paulster’s band SKNN. This event will be streamed LIVE.
– Link of SKNN: (LIKE IT !!!)
– Link of Stream Link:
– Or watch on UStream:

DAKOTA PLAYS GUITAR will be there as my right hand man – doing both audio and video – and will be getting his own backstage coverage. Subscribe to Dakota’s YT Channel for exclusive DPG coverage:

VOX GIVE-AWAY (will be shut down on Sunday April 28th. LINK TO ENTER:


– Sunday May 5th – TTK to Interview Matt Tuck from Bullet for my Valentine (along w backstage coverage & gear footage)

Line 6

– Friday May 10th – TTK in Orlando playing w SKNN (will be broadcasted live)

Upcoming Reviews:
– EL34, 6L6, KT88 videos
– Blackstar ID:!5

Additional Carvin Build Videos coming soon!

Stay Tuned for MAY and JUNE give-away announcements!

– Ask A Question Here :
– Watch a Video Here :
– Behind the Scenes Here :

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